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The scope of use of low-voltage fuses is those


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Low-voltage fuses are widely used in low-voltage systems.

Fuse in low-voltage distribution system is a kind of electrical appliance that plays a role in safety protection, fuse is widely used in power grid protection and electrical equipment protection, when the power grid or electrical equipment short circuit fault or overload, can automatically cut off the circuit, to avoid electrical equipment damage, to prevent the spread of accidents.

The fuse is composed of an insulating base (or support piece), contacts, melt, etc., the melt is the main working part of the fuse, the melt is equivalent to a section of wires connected in series in the circuit, when the circuit is short-circuited or overloaded, the current is too large, the melt melts due to overheating, thereby cutting off the circuit. The melt is often made into filament, grid or sheet. The melt material has the characteristics of low relative melting point, stable characteristics and easy to fuse. Generally, lead-tin alloy, silver-plated copper sheet, zinc, silver and other metals are used. In the process of melt fusing and cutting off the circuit will produce arc, in order to safely and effectively extinguish the arc, the melt is generally installed in the fuse shell, and measures are taken to quickly extinguish the arc

Fuses have the advantages of simple structure, easy to use and low price, and are widely used in low-voltage systems.