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Operating specifications for DC control fuses of generator set manufacturers


Source:Yueqing Xujing Fuse Factory

What are the operating specifications of DC control fuses of generator set manufacturers, summarized as follows:

1. When removing the DC control fuse, it should be positive first, then negative. When installing the DC control fuse, it should be installed first negative and then positive. The purpose of this is to prevent parasitic circuits and avoid malfunction of the protective device. The fuse should be installed and taken quickly, not continuously turned on and off, and there should be a period of time between removal and reinstallation (should not be less than 5 s).

2. When the protection device in operation wants to deactivate the DC power supply, the protection outlet connector should be deactivated first, and then the DC circuit should be deactivated. The order of recovery is reversed.

3. When the bus differential protection and failure protection deactivate the DC fuse, the outlet connecting piece should be deactivated first. After adding the DC circuit, check whether the whole device is working normally, if necessary, use a high internal resistance voltmeter to measure the absence of voltage at both ends of the outlet connector, and then add the outlet connector.

4. In the operation of the circuit breaker power failure, the control fuse of the circuit breaker should be removed after pulling the switch and taking safety measures (referring to hanging the ground wire or installing an insulating cover). Because when the circuit breaker is not disconnected, causing the disconnector to be pulled with load, the protection of the circuit breaker can act on tripping. If the fuse is removed before the disconnector is pulled, the accident will be amplified because the circuit breaker cannot trip.

5. In the circuit breaker power transmission operation, the control fuse of the circuit breaker should be installed before removing the safety measures. This is because after installing the control fuse, it is possible to check whether the protection device and the control loop are in good working condition. If there is a problem, it can be dealt with when the security measures are not removed. In addition, at this time, the protection device is in a state of preparation, in case of an accident caused by the circuit breaker in the later operation, the protection circuit can act on tripping. If the control fuse is installed after the disconnector is closed, in case the disconnector is closed with load due to the circuit breaker not being disconnected, the circuit breaker cannot trip and the accident is expanded.