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Talent Concept

Yueqing Xujing Fuse Factory (Shanghai Yinda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.) always insists that human resources are resources, and advocates the values of people-oriented and serving the society. Excellent talents are Shanghai Yinda career development, implement talent strategy, establish a dedicated, united and innovative high-quality talent team, promote the construction of two civilizations of the enterprise, and provide reliable human resources guarantee for the development of Shanghai Yinda.

Strategic Planning

1. Strive to cultivate a team of enterprise management personnel with strategic thinking ability and modern enterprise management level, pioneering entrepreneurial spirit and sense of social responsibility. Enterprise management is efficient, scientific and harmonious.

2. Strive to cultivate a team of professional and technical personnel with innovative spirit and high level, enhance the innovation ability of enterprises, and maintain technical advantages of the company's products.

3. Strive to build a high-level, disciplined, skilled technician team, product quality.

Strategy Implementation

1. Talent recognition: through various channels such as network, labor market and social relationship recommendation, fair and just recruitment of all kinds of excellent management talents, technical personnel and skilled workers. Pay attention to the identification of talents in practical work.

2. Education: The company's internal training work is a necessary means to improve the job skills of employees, identify with the company's corporate culture, and create high-quality employees who meet the company's requirements, and continuously improve the comprehensive quality of employees through training. It is necessary to attach importance to practice tempering, high standards, strict requirements, and cultivate all kinds of things.

3. Use talents: provide a platform for employees to display their talents, make the best use of their talents, and make employees grow and improve synchronously with the enterprise.

4. Gathering talents: adhere to the people-oriented management concept, establish the management system, incentive mechanism and distribution system of outstanding talents, attract talents and retain talents with the development of career, favorable treatment and humane management, and make truly talented people become the main force of the company's development.