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China Industrial Electrical Appliance Network has opened a logistics freight special line classification


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On March 12, 2015, the logistics channel of China Industrial Electrical Appliance Network has been opened, and users in the logistics industry can log in to China Industrial Electrical Appliance Network to register as members to publish logistics information. China Industrial Electrical Appliance Network provides better service support for our customers, and hopes that customers in the logistics industry will release true and reliable logistics information based on the principle of honesty and credit. Now when you think of "logistics", you should think of the logistics and transportation problem of Double 11, in fact, logistics is a word imported from Japanese materials. Later, China defined logistics as: logistics is the process of organically combining transportation, storage, procurement, loading and unloading, packaging, circulation processing, distribution, information processing and other functions to achieve user requirements in the process of physical flow of goods from the place of supply to the place of receipt. Logistics refers to the whole process of planning, implementing and managing raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products or related information from the place of origin of commodities to the place of consumption of commodities through transportation, storage, distribution and other means at low cost in order to meet customer needs.

China Industrial Electrical Network Logistics is maritime logistics, land logistics, maritime logistics information, etc. can be published on the website. Logistics is a system that controls raw materials, finished goods, finished products and information, starting from supply, through the transfer and possession of various intermediate links and reaching the physical movement of the final consumer, so as to achieve the clear goals of the organization. Modern logistics is a product of economic globalization and an important service industry to promote economic globalization. The world's modern logistics industry is growing steadily, and Europe, the United States and Japan have become important logistics bases around the world. The transportation, warehousing, packaging, handling, loading and unloading, circulation processing, distribution and logistics information of objects are the seven parts of logistics. China Industrial Electrical Appliance Network will strictly regulate the logistics information and route data released by logistics enterprises.

The released logistics information will be quickly indexed by Baidu and 360 search engines, allowing customers to find the right logistics route more quickly. Modern logistics not only simply considers the distribution of goods from producers to consumers, but also considers the procurement of raw materials from suppliers to producers, as well as the transportation, storage and information of producers themselves in the manufacturing process of products, and comprehensively and comprehensively improves economic benefits and efficiency. Therefore, modern logistics is a strategic measure to meet the needs of consumers and unify market conditions such as manufacturing, transportation, and sales. This has a further meaning in depth and breadth than the concept of traditional logistics, which only regards it as a "logistics support system" and "playing a bridging role in sales activities". In general, logistics is an activity that includes basic functions such as transportation, handling, storage, storage, packaging, loading and unloading, circulation processing and logistics information processing, and it is an economic activity that flows from the place of supply to the place of receiving to meet social needs. In the past, the purpose of implementing logistics management was to achieve the established customer service level under the lowest possible total cost conditions, that is, to seek a dynamic balance of service advantages and cost advantages, and thus create a strategic advantage of enterprises in the competition. China Industrial Electrical Appliance Network is to provide customers with the right logistics product route at the right quantity and the right price at the right time and the right place.