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High voltage drop fuse operation


Source:Yueqing Xujing Fuse Factory

The high-voltage drop fuse adopts single-phase operation of an insulated rod and does not allow operation with load. It has been found through practice that when the phase is mistakenly pulled with load, most cases are similar to disconnecting the parallel loop or loop, and the disconnection voltage is low, so strong arcing does not occur. When the second phase is pulled apart with load, because the break voltage is the line voltage, the break voltage is high, so a strong arc will occur, which may lead to arc short circuit in the adjacent phases, which will threaten the safety of people and equipment. When the third phase is pulled apart, no arcing will occur because the circuit has tended to be open (no current or very little). Therefore, the correct operation of reasonable female soldiers is crucial, and the methods summarized according to experience are:

First, preparation: do a good job of preparation before operation, choose the corresponding voltage level and qualified insulating tie rod, wear insulating gloves, wear insulating shoes, safety.

2. Check: Before operation, carefully check the name and number of the equipment to determine the correctness of the operation object.

Three stations: choose a position that is easy to operate and stand well, generally standing in front of and below the current operation phase drop fuse is appropriate, if it is an operation on the tower, you should also fasten the seat belt.

Four-alignment: During operation, the moving contact of the drop fuse is aligned with its static contact to achieve the accuracy of positioning.

Five-fold: When closing the high-voltage drop fuse, it must be rapid, decisive and accurate, but when closing to the end, it must not be too strong to prevent damage to the supporting insulator and other equipment.

In addition: the current characteristics of the fuse are unstable in the daily operation of the high-voltage drop fuse, and with the change of operating environment and temperature, it causes mismatches, skipping tripping and other phenomena; The quality of the melt pipe is poor, and the deformation and layering cause accidental falling; Long-term use is prone to poor contact between the upper and lower contacts, which is easy to cause contact heat, burnt and contact oxidation; Due to improper operation, use and installation during operation and maintenance, its performance is impaired. Monitoring in this area should be improved.