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Drop type fuse installation should comply with the regulations of what?【addtime:2014-11-18 】

1.Porcelain should be good, there should be no moisture absorption of the fuse tube expansion, bending phenomenon. Above and contact fuse tube centerline axis and fuse tube should be in the same plane, shall not be distorted.

2.Drop type fuse should use a dedicated hardware installation is firm, order, must not turn right or left, and white horizontal distance should not be less than 0.5 m. for ease of operation and blown fuse fuse tube, the Angle of porcelain axis vertical with the ground, as a general rule, be 20 ~ 30 o o.

3.Points, should be flexible, and reliable operation, close contact. Adjust up and down before closing contactor should have certain compression stroke.

4.Upper and lower electrode and cascade connection of the switch should be strong, the contact should be good. And line join point should be set aside more than appropriate line.

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