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talent concept

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strategic planning

1、Efforts to train a strategic thinking ability and the level of modern enterprise management, has opened its entrepreneurial spirit and social responsibility of the enterprise management personnel team. To ensure efficient enterprise management, science, harmonious.

2、Efforts to foster an innovative, high level of professional and technical personnel, the enhancement enterprise's capacity for independent innovation, ensure that the products of the company keep ahead in technology.

3、Efforts to build a high level, discipline, skilled technicians, to ensure product quality.


strategy implementation

1、Just just just just know: through the network, labor market and social relationship and recommend a variety of channels, fair and just recruit all kinds of outstanding management personnel, technical personnel and skilled workers. Attaches great importance to the identification of talent in the practical work.

2、Yucai: the company's internal training is to improve employee job skills, identity, the corporate culture makes a necessary means to meet the requirements of the company of high-quality staff, through training to improve employees' comprehensive quality. To attach importance to practice exercise, high standard, strict, develop all kinds of.

3、provide talent platform, of men and synchronize the staff and the enterprise growth.

4、Poly is: adhere to the people-oriented management concept, establish talents management system, incentive mechanism, distribution system, with the development of the career, preferential treatment and management of human nature to attract talents, retain staff, people can truly become the main force for the development of the company.


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