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Cylindrical cap shape fuse

  • 圆筒帽熔断管
  • 圆筒帽熔断管
  • 圆筒帽熔断管

name:Cylindrical cap shape fuse

brand:Shanghai yinda electronil and technology co.,ltd

overview:This series fuse is suitable for AC 50Hz ,rated voltage to 690V,raled current to is mainly used for protecting the electrical circuit against overload and short-circllits(gG/gL);it also may derive for protecing the semiconductor device and others complete set installment from short-circuit(aR)as well as the electric motor from short-circuit(aM). The raled breaking capabilily for this series fuse is to 100KA IEC60269. This series fuse conforms to national standard GB13539 and inlernational electrical committee standard IEC60269.

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